Care Package

Four Sessions + Free Consultation (50 min)

The Care package focuses on mental & emotional health looking into all facets of life and how you deal with them. We could all use some support coping with the challenges of this modern world. This is an opportunity for you to get a birds eye a view of your life to encourage your happiness and peace while looking into points of distress and areas for potential growth. 

Nutrition Package 

Four Sessions + Free Consultation (50 MIn)

This physical & dietary package looks into your current habits in measuring your level of physical activity and diet. With a full assessment, we will be able to move forward in establishing a routine and diet that works with your lifestyle in all facets. 

Financial Freedom Package

FOUR Sessions +Free Consultation (50 min)

This professional/financial package will focus on your professional goals whether it be building a resume an employer can’t resist, gaining the confidence to ask for a raise or even starting your own business. This package also provides guidance in your finances so you can learn how to invest in yourself and your life in order to gain financial freedom. This package will give you the guidance you need to make empowered decisions on your life's work.

Individual Session

Single Session 

You are the master of your life. With all that this entails, we are here to help guide you through the areas that could use some special attention, sorting, clarity, & support. This individual coaching session is designed for those who can't commit to weekly or bi-weekly sessions and just need to drop in to be heard & provided a bullet point style progress list.