Your own private team.

Our programs are customized for you and only you in mind.


Step one:

You get a free introductory session with our in house holistic health coach to create a program specific to your needs. The introductory assessment takes into account your emotional health, physical health, as well as your career & work life.

Holistic: characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease. 

Step two:

Let's Get Started!

A program is designed to support you where you need it the most. Providing you with a tribe of professionals including certified personal trainers, physical therapists, nutritional health coaches,  career and financial consultants, yoga & meditation teachers, and more.

Why do our programs work?

  Our integrative techniques are based on a combination of psychological research, yogic practices and a natural approach to health & nutrition.

This means that we track your progress, we listen to your needs throughout the program and our primary goal is for you to complete our program with the knowledge and confidence necessary to continue on your path toward wellness.

This is not a 'new years resolution- I'm back to my old ways in a few weeks' kind of program. This is your, 'Its time. I'm finally ready to do this for myself.' , kind of program.

& we are here for you.


ALL Programs FEATURE THE FOLLOWING Additional services:


 Holistic Counseling Sessions

Lifestyle Evaluation

Nutritional Guide

Private Yoga Sessions

   Guided Meditation & Pranayama Sessions

 Access to our Ceres Professionals Database & Discounts