Slowing heart rate. Damage to the liver.

Chance of suicide.

These three side effects were often repeated to me by Doctors explaining the medications I was to take for various ailments I experienced growing up. From migraines, digestive issues to depression, the medications prescribed rarely worked, were often expensive, and never permanently resolved my medical issues. 

What was causing these problems? I always considered myself a healthy child, very athletic and fun loving. These issues seemingly came out of the blue and only progressed as I got older. Being raised close to my grandparents, natural home remedies were a viable go-to. I also became adamant about nutrition and the effect nutrition has on our health overall: physically, in reference to disease, and mentally.

I was amazed at my findings. There were consistent nutritional links between all of my ailments. I began combining the generational knowledge of herbs from my grandparents with the modern science of nutrition & psychology, and developed holistic remedies to help relieve myself of the health issues I had experienced for years. 

It changed my life.

As someone who has built a career in fashion business, one of the most unpredictable areas in the business world, analytics is very much ingrained in everything I do. The Ceres Collective is about empowering through education and support toward health & wellness. Through analysis and result based coaching, we work to ensure that you attain the goals you're reaching for and that the change is sustainable and long lasting.

We are about the results.

Myriame Desmornes

 Integrative Nutrition & Wellness Coach|Certified Yoga Instructor |USUI Reiki Practitioner